Library - Second Level

The San Rafael Public Library, in tight economic times, has become, more than ever, a vital and essential service to our community. Job seekers find help with their efforts, students whose school libraries have been closed rely on our resources, and everyday people increasingly come to the Library to check out materials for leisure reading, listening, and viewing, and for lifelong learning.Library

With the recent passage of Measure C, and the ensuing prospect of seven years of support from the $49 per parcel special Library Services tax, your local library now has the ability to maintain and expand our services. Some databases and magazine subscriptions that were dropped over the past years will be added back, and we plan, as well, to expand our hours, beginning in the new year of 2011.

Your support is still needed in order to maintain and expand our services. We are now working seriously, through the San Rafael Public Library Foundation, towards expanded library facilities. Your gift will go directly to the creation of a fund to provide support for future capital needs for the Library. For more information, please visit the Foundation’s website at .

Whatever you can give, your gift will play a role in allowing the San Rafael Public Library to continue providing excellent resource to our community. Thank you.